The millionaire maker

The S&P 500 or simply the S&P is a stock market index that measures the stock performance of 500 large companies listed on stock exchanges in the United States. The S&P 500 to me is the easiest way to accomplish great steps towards becoming a millionaire. There is no gimmick here. I’m going to show you facts and affordable ways to accomplish this. I’m going to use real numbers nothing imaginary.

First of all the S&P 500 bring back high returns, I’m even tempted to say the highest. In 3 years you’re looking at return  around 26.98 percent. I’m not even going to round anything up just not to confuse anyone. In 5 years around  57.26 percent
And the 10 years return is about 176.4 percent. In simple math for whatever you invest in a period of 10 years that amount can easily triple.

Enough about What could be. Remember base on your lifestyle now you can change your tommorow for the better. Money is pretty tight and trust me it will get thighter overtime. One thing we don’t pay attention to is that whenever we get a raise or a promotion our spending/bills gets it too they increase and you have no idea where your money is going.

Well this little scenario should be a wake up call for you I’m going to keep it easy and simple. If you are able to make $2500 monthly, yes you can be a millionaire by only paying yourself $150 biweekly. Which is about $300 a month. Now every month invest that $300 in the S&P 500 index fund
In 12 months your total investments will be $3600 Which is 36,000 in 10 years.

This year alone you would’ve had a return of $628.56 since the S&P 500 brought back a return of 17.46 percent. But let’s only use the average of 13 percent of return. According to the above scenario with $300 a  month in 12 months that’s $3600 let’s do it for 10 years since we you’ll be working so it’s good to pay yourself as you pay every other bills.$3600 multiply by 10 equal to $36,000 don’t get excited yet.

Now let’s say after 10 years you decided not to pay yourself anymore. That $36,000 in the S&P 500 index would bring you back average yearly $4680 with each amount the year after going to be higher because of compound interest at 13 percent return. Nice, right? Before you answer that question.

Let’s say you leave that money there until you reach retirement age you’ll have way over $1.9M by only paying yourself 12 percent of your monthly income if you are making $2500 monthly. That scenario is for people under 20 years of age the older you are the more you would need to invest to accomplish that goal.

• Investments involve risk of loss and are not FDIC insured.This article is for educational purposes only. Other indexes may be more appropriate for your investment approach.


Be above average

We often measured our own success by our friend’s success. What we often don’t realize is that we are not doing our self any good services by measuring ourselves to others success. Each one us have a different path of life.

There is a moving ship and it’s has been more than two years since I’ve been trying to get people to jump on board. People see the stock market as the affluent’s gallery. Where only the elites can succeed. With that in mind it’s hard to get even family and friends involve, they read all my articles and refuse to follow the steps or share them yet they wonder why I’m doing so well.

I invest with confidence, I buy stocks and shares with value. Utilities and essentials  is where I invest all my money. It’s been a long time since I do not have a saving account to be honest with you. I don’t miss the $0.19 interest rates I used to get evey month.

At a glance I bought Apple stocks at around $79 a share, it then went over $400 a share before they spli to a 4 for one the 31of August  2020. It safe to say I made a huffty amount of investment that day. Not to mention all my other stocks still paying dividend, I know apple is no where near good devidend paying stocks, man! can it grows in value check Apple stocks price 4 years ago.

Just to give everyone a little idea of what’s going on one of my previous article I gave a breakdown of how I invest and how much my investments worth. I want to encourage people to get involve. Little investments today big returns tomorrow.

To retire comfortably you’ll need multiple sources of income. I always put accent on Investments, 401(K) or equivalent last but not least social security don’t let it be your only option.


Gifts That Keeps On Giving

It’s safe to say that Christmas is going to look a whole lot different this year. With COVID-19 affecting all aspects of our lives, from limiting how many family members we can see to impacting how much we can afford to spend, it’s a given that we’ll all have to adapt to a ‘new normal’ this Christmas.

A reader reached out to me last week in regards of Christmas spending. One thing we have to keep in mind this is not normal timing. Covid-19 took the whole year away from us. With countless of life lost and many still in the hospital. We are all searching for something different this  Christmas. Love and kindness is very important right now. We can be together while social distancing, call as often as possible voice and video. And a little encouragement goes a long way now these days.

Giving is a wonderful thing, putting smile on other people faces is the reason why the earth keep rotating. In time like this it’s hard not to give out a little in your savings/investments. Infact people who started this journey with me should be rejoicing right now as they can safely buy much of what’s in their shopping list with Dividends.

While thier stocks grows in value touching the dividends to bring joy to thier love ones won’t change the outcome of the upcoming ones. All one need to do is figure out how much exactly you are going to spend try not to go overboard nor rely on credit cards. It’s really good to cheer others but first and foremost don’t put a burden on yourself.

The best gift to give is a gift that keeps on giving. A gift with value, for instance help with tuition fees. Help with debt or create account for the little ones both saving and investments. For anyone looking to make someone happy remember not to touch the capital because once you do that you change the whole game.

If you dicide to open investments account for kids or grandkids, it’s a wise move because if you invest that money in an index fund I always go with the S&P 500 which can easily bring back a return of 10% annually if not more. Now let’s say you open that account with $5000 that’s $500 annually. Plus compounds interest, it’s safe to say an investment like that will bring great rewards in about 10 to 25 years.

Money doesn’t grow on trees but parents and grandparents can set a great foundation for their kids and grandkids. Remember the earlier you do this the more they can rip from it, of course that little ride on car sure looks good but for how long they going to use it? 

One other beneficial gift is college funding accounts, they are great it’s like paying for school before they get expensive. I call them boomerang because regardless if the kid go in state or out of state the money will apply. And if the kids decide not to go to college you’ll get your money back.

Don’t go overboard on your savings this year trying to get the perfect gift. There’s no reason why the festive season can’t still be joyful! Spend responsibly!