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My mission is to show everyone how they can manage their finances and live a good life while chasing the american dream. I write about savings, investment, and strictly about money management. My inspirations are from my accomplishments. Steps by step and with microscopic details let’s embark on that mission for great peace of mind come from financial stability. 

Savings  your own way

If you feel overwhelmed about how to save money, you’re not alone. While some may think saving money is relatively straightforward, one in five Americans have nothing saved at all. Especially in 2020 during this pandemic year with COVID-19. I would imagine it’s harder for many to start savings now. Many might ask “how do I start that… Continue reading Savings  your own way

Money and Us

What defines us as a person? Most of us will have different answer to that question because we all come from different background of ducation level, surrounding, and way of life. 2020 has been one hell of year. 2020 is the year people find out what they are made of and what they can over… Continue reading Money and Us

Money Printer

Compound interest is like a money printer that is never going to run out of ink. Money is a working machine, the harder you push it the more it recompensate you. Compound interest is something a lot of people don’t know about or how it works. The thing is compound interest have been here a… Continue reading Money Printer