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My mission is to show everyone how they can manage their finances and live a good life while chasing the american dream. I write about savings, investment, and strictly about money management. My inspirations are from my accomplishments. Steps by step and with microscopic details let’s embark on that mission for great peace of mind come from financial stability. 

Limit Order

If you have been keeping up with me and blogs you will see In my previous article I talked about different types of Investments. This is a follow-up and I also will be answering some questions. Investing is a lot easier to manage than one thinks. With commitments and fancy technologies this days you can… Continue reading Limit Order

Type of Investments

To start investing one needs confidence and tolerance, most importantly you need to have goals. You’ll need to choose an investing firm that meant all the crucial things that you are looking for. There are many of firm out there and you will need to selective. Also research and decide what you want to invest… Continue reading Type of Investments

The millionaire maker

The S&P 500 or simply the S&P is a stock market index that measures the stock performance of 500 large companies listed on stock exchanges in the United States. The S&P 500 to me is the easiest way to accomplish great steps towards becoming a millionaire. There is no gimmick here. I’m going to show you facts and affordable ways to… Continue reading The millionaire maker