As a hypervigilant person you learn to pay close attention to your surroundings. Hypervigilance is a state of increased alertness. Every morning I usually have the same routine before.

Today was a particularly different day, it was a beautiful morning, about 75° and the sun wasn’t up yet and there wasn’t as many cars on the road as usual. I found myself wondering, lost in my mind in a trans of thoughts. It wasn’t too long after I start to noticed that every cars that drove by me was a brand name and recent model.

I started wonder why all these expensive vehicles are on the roads so early. And then It hit me like a brick, there was little to no difference between those expensive luxury vehicle compare to your  day to day vehicle. The one major difference is the driver behind those vehicles. Then I started wonderind some more, if everyone had it going like that and driving these expensive luxury vehicles why are they up so early?

But after I got to work and start processing it clearly. I come to realize the people I see in the expensive cars every morning are the one who usually buy what they can’t afford just to impress others. They can’t miss a day of work nor go on family vacation because of their mortgage/rent plus car note is eating more than 80% of their bringing home money.

A lot of time we sacrifice looking for happiness while we don’t even know what makes us happy. You might enjoy a nice vehicle but the stress to keep up  with it can bring you a lot of misery.

Peace of mind play a great role in your success. With a clear head your chance of making the right decisions will multiply. Always try to keep your stress level to the minimal as possible. Life itself brings a lot of stress don’t add anything you can control to it.

Make good financial decisions, we are no-where near perfect. But whatever choice we make today will have a big impact on tomorrow if not determine it

Get Paid $1,000 to Watch Business Movies

Entrepreneurs are inspired everywhere they go, from their favorite coffee shop to their own living room, watching their favorite movies. A big idea can come from anywhere! LeadMD’s Catalyst Podcast is all about telling those stories to inspire others. Just like you can learn about best business practices from our podcast, you can learn business do’s and don’ts based on cinematic interpretations of company stories. While dramatized for entertainment, the bones of that business are there, and we want to know how you would apply those concepts to your own company if you were to start one.

That’s why we’re looking for an aspiring entrepreneur to analyze business movies and identify the common good and bad practices of these legendary companies. We’ll be enlisting someone to watch 12 business movies (plus a Catalyst podcast), review their best and worst practices, and describe where everything seemed to go right or wrong. In return, we’ll be awarding the person $1000 in cash!

You can see all of the details about this contest below, including what you’ll need to do if you win, the movies you can choose from, what you’ll need to do in order to apply, and who our ideal applicant is.

Scroll all the way down the page to read the rules, then you can apply on the form at the bottom of the page!

We will provide the contest winner with a list of movies to review. As you watch them, we will ask you to fill out a worksheet that includes questions such as the following:

What kind of business is featured?
What are the best business practices featured?
What are the worst business practices featured?
Was the business a success?
You’ll receive a separate form to complete for each movie you watch. All movies will need to be reviewed and all worksheets will need to be completed by October 30, 2020.

The prize will be a $1,000 payment and access to each of the movies you select through Amazon!

Movies You’ll Watch
*The Big Short
*The Social Network
*Jerry Maguire
*The Devil Wears Prada
*The Founder
*Wall Street
*Erin Brockovich

1 LeadMD Catalyst Podcast of your choice
We’re looking for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit to watch 12 movies from our list and write reviews about them. Apply in the form below if you think you have what it takes, but take a look at our ideal applicant to get a sense if you’re a good fit for the job.

The ideal applicant will have:

An overall love of movies
A passion for business
Strong attention to detail – nothing gets past you!
The ability and availability to take watch 12 movies in a month
Additionally, applicants must be 18 years or older and a US citizen or permanent resident to apply.

Comment or message me so I can tell you how to apply…

The promoter of this competition is LeadMD, LLC (herein LEADMD) whose principal office is located at 15001 N 74th St. Suite A Scottsdale, Arizona 85260.

Corona virus and your money

The world is basically upside down right now and fear is taking a toll on pretty much everyone.
As the market drastically going under people are looking for a safe heaven not only for health reasons but also for wealth.

In moment like this I keep my cool. This is temporary a lot of us are selling to buy gold or to keep cash. In my opinion this is a sale. While prices and inflation goes up those businesses that used to care about their customers changed their policy and the service they used to provide. If you looking for a safe heaven to settle in look in the medical field. As a matter of fact pharmaceutical is were I will unload some cash. The virus is turning into an epidemic which put a lot of weight on those industries to flex their muscles.

The pharmaceutical companies are getting rich and taking full advantage of this situation. They have a strategy in place for time like this and us every day people need to have one also.
Buy buy buy… With caution don’t just throw your money out there in non meaning companies.
There is a big sale going on right now.
If you are a trader this is what they call buy low sale high, if you are a long term invester here is an opportunity to multiple your wealth.

Of course it’s scary of course you looking at your money vanishing. As long you don’t do anything the value of your portfolio remain the same.
In less of 5 days my portfolio went under by around 10% which is a stagaring amount of money.

I remained calm. I’ve never seen such big shift in my portfolio before. I have to tell you I wasn’t investing in 2007. So this is my personal recession.
I’m controlling the temper of the market as no one knows which way it’s going to shift but stay calm if you don’t have any money to invest don’t log in don’t follow the market.

Remember my motto “Is not to spend your working hours money in minutes”.

Covid-19 & your Money