Money Printer

Compound interest is like a money printer that is never going to run out of ink.

Money is a working machine, the harder you push it the more it recompensate you. Compound interest is something a lot of people don’t know about or how it works. The thing is compound interest have been here a long time and most people have make their fortune in compound interest alone. Thye will teach you about math and graphs but when it comes to the real world schools are blind to that teaching. They don’t teach you compound interest in  school.

The cool thing about compounded interest is that the bank is paying you interest on the money they’ve paid you in interest. The interest rates paid by money market accounts can vary quite a bit from bank to bank it all depends on the banks.

There are stocks that pay good dividends today, for the sake of time I’m only going to pull 5 great business with great dividends. These 5 have been around forever, so that should already tell you that these  companies are solid. Therefor you will have peace of mind knowing that your investment in these companies is a safe bet.

FORD  Dividend  $ 0.15   yield at 6.61%
IBM     Dividend  $ 1.63   yield at 5.62%
AT&T  Dividend  $ 0.52    yield at 7.48%
Altria Dividend  $ 0.86    yield at 8.80%
IIPR     Dividend  $ 1.17   yield at 3.77%

There are many ways to grow your wealth or to be stable financially. How would you feel if you were  told not to come to work while still getting pay? It’s plain and simple, investments is like sending your money to work and you get reap all the benefits because you are making money while you are asleep.

Before I started paying attention to my finances I thought it was hard or even impossible to accomplish those things unless you are rich or have a dead uncle somewhere who left you a fortune or you get some type of settlement, man was I wrong.

My first $50,000.00 was the hardest to save. With a lot and I mean a lot of temptations I was still able to maintain that amounts for a long period of time.

When I reached $50,000.00 I started having car problem. My bills were getting higher, family members, and friends were all presenting me their problems like they had an idea about my savings. On that I was getting approximately $89.00 a month with compound interest. That amount increase month after months.

Plus my investments are doing well some of them are over 200 percent up and not to mention all the dividends I am collecting, which I reinvest to keep my portfolio afloat. With money coming in from different sources even though they are not a lot but they accumulate every quarter is bigger and better than the previous one. The thing about compound interest is it’s never too late to start and it’s not a matter of when you grow up or how you grow up. Start early stay focus and have high goals.

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