Election 🌡️ Fever

It’s that time a year again. Voting Time! Believe it or not most of us vote with our wallet and every single one of us have our own interests. Every election is critical. Election doesn’t only let you know who will be in power for the next 2 to 4 years. Elections have a big impact on who will manage your money and your interest. Elections will bring uncertainty to the market. Some people will completely pull out while other take their chances.

My friends and family have been calling me to get my in put on how this election will effect their finance and their stock. The problem is no one really know what’s going to happen. I have getting calls and text messages like this “Michael this election is the one that got me worry the most, I’m not going to wait and see how the election goes I think I’m not even coming back. I’m cashing in all my investments, which is about $10 million. While I can comfortable live the rest of my days losing it will bring me great discomfort even misery.”

I completely understand him he reached his goal and don’t want to risk it after all. He also told me even if the money double his lifestyle will remain the same. Because he been there and done it all. He had an airplane which his wife can’t stand because she don’t think he is a good pilot.

Two lake house and a condo in Miami.
Proud owner of multiple great business
His kids are not freeloader they all went on to do better than him. I just wanted to share his accomplishment and to let you guys know to set your goals and make sure you notice when you reach them. It takes discipline and patient most of all motivation.

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