As a hypervigilant person you learn to pay close attention to your surroundings. Hypervigilance is a state of increased alertness. Every morning I usually have the same routine before.

Today was a particularly different day, it was a beautiful morning, about 75° and the sun wasn’t up yet and there wasn’t as many cars on the road as usual. I found myself wondering, lost in my mind in a trans of thoughts. It wasn’t too long after I start to noticed that every cars that drove by me was a brand name and recent model.

I started wonder why all these expensive vehicles are on the roads so early. And then It hit me like a brick, there was little to no difference between those expensive luxury vehicle compare to your  day to day vehicle. The one major difference is the driver behind those vehicles. Then I started wonderind some more, if everyone had it going like that and driving these expensive luxury vehicles why are they up so early?

But after I got to work and start processing it clearly. I come to realize the people I see in the expensive cars every morning are the one who usually buy what they can’t afford just to impress others. They can’t miss a day of work nor go on family vacation because of their mortgage/rent plus car note is eating more than 80% of their bringing home money.

A lot of time we sacrifice looking for happiness while we don’t even know what makes us happy. You might enjoy a nice vehicle but the stress to keep up  with it can bring you a lot of misery.

Peace of mind play a great role in your success. With a clear head your chance of making the right decisions will multiply. Always try to keep your stress level to the minimal as possible. Life itself brings a lot of stress don’t add anything you can control to it.

Make good financial decisions, we are no-where near perfect. But whatever choice we make today will have a big impact on tomorrow if not determine it

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