Corona virus and your money

The world is basically upside down right now and fear is taking a toll on pretty much everyone.
As the market drastically going under people are looking for a safe heaven not only for health reasons but also for wealth.

In moment like this I keep my cool. This is temporary a lot of us are selling to buy gold or to keep cash. In my opinion this is a sale. While prices and inflation goes up those businesses that used to care about their customers changed their policy and the service they used to provide. If you looking for a safe heaven to settle in look in the medical field. As a matter of fact pharmaceutical is were I will unload some cash. The virus is turning into an epidemic which put a lot of weight on those industries to flex their muscles.

The pharmaceutical companies are getting rich and taking full advantage of this situation. They have a strategy in place for time like this and us every day people need to have one also.
Buy buy buy… With caution don’t just throw your money out there in non meaning companies.
There is a big sale going on right now.
If you are a trader this is what they call buy low sale high, if you are a long term invester here is an opportunity to multiple your wealth.

Of course it’s scary of course you looking at your money vanishing. As long you don’t do anything the value of your portfolio remain the same.
In less of 5 days my portfolio went under by around 10% which is a stagaring amount of money.

I remained calm. I’ve never seen such big shift in my portfolio before. I have to tell you I wasn’t investing in 2007. So this is my personal recession.
I’m controlling the temper of the market as no one knows which way it’s going to shift but stay calm if you don’t have any money to invest don’t log in don’t follow the market.

Remember my motto “Is not to spend your working hours money in minutes”.

Covid-19 & your Money

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