Depreciation or investment

Finance is tricky and it will always get the best of us. Most people think being financially stable means having to show their neighbors, friends and family that they are doing well. They buy car that cost about 3 times their income, which they only drive to work they don’t have time to take it any other place because they can’t miss a day of work or they will come short on something by the end of the month.

When I get to work in the morning I shake my head as I park my dirty truck I see a lot of investments sitting in the parking lot. While their owners are putting in 8 to 12 hours shift. Imagine if you could go to work and send your money to work at the same time? Well it’s possible they call that investing, you can even invest risckfree.

Putting your money in high yield saving or CD’s are guarantee money and also FDIC insured. Most of them can easily bring you an easy 2% monthly.

Let’s do a little logical you driving a $50000.00 car while you doing 2 jobs. With minimal time for leisure that $50000.00 is just depreciating. Not only it’s always park but also because buying a car is not an investment. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying don’t pamper yourself. But in my opinion I think it will be more beneficial if your money work while you are working.

Tomorrow will be brighter and clearer for you financially as the super rich have multiple legs of income when combine every penny it adds up to a dollar. Be vigilant of what you are buying ask yourself if I buy this now will I have time to enjoy it? Or should I save and invest and buy it tomorrow with less stress?

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