The Savings Continue

Life is inevitable! Life will happen whether we want it to or not. I haven’t been touching base with you guys for a few months now because of life: full time job, two kids, and my little part time hustle have made it hard for me to write this blog every week. With that being said I’m doing way better financially than the last post. Not being able to interact with you guys make me feel like my accomplishments are small. But let’s not dwell on that.

Instead let’s take a quick look at what I’ve done in the past few months.
First of all I increased my 401K to 5%, this is what I call free money even though my job only match 3% I know I’m doing the right thing. My goal is to get it to 10%.

In the last few months I also was saving some money from an Haitian method call Esso/partner (sòl) the way this work you get a group of 10 committed people. Let’s say for a period of 10 months, each month everyone give $1,000 for 10 months. When it’s time to collect that’s an easy $1,0000 in your hand. I recently received mine and I won’t lie that felt really good.

I also boost my other savings while decreasing the amount on my student loans drastically. I only owe $6,000 now. Those are all good accomplishments I can’t wait to completely eliminate the entire thing in my Mortal Kombat voice …. “Fatality”!…. Lol 😁 enough fooling around let’s check out that other method of saving.

Now this won’t get you rich nor make you quit your job. I call this the Gallon$. How it works I have four gallons my goal is to fill each one of with different amount of small change from coins to dollars bill. The gallons can easily be combined to make up to $5000. So far I have a dime gallon: no evaluation yet, a nickel gallon: no evaluation yet, and a penny gallon:no evaluation yet.

I say all this just to say it doesn’t matter how you save or how much little by little. Just know in time it will grow. Put it away and forget about it.

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