The Pathway

I took time to jots down a couple of thoughts regarding finances. Finance is not only a sensitive subject but its also a struggle for most people to manage, understand, or sustain.

Sometimes you try really hard and still failed to realize whatever is it you want to accomplish. It could be a business or financial stability. Remember one thing, as long you keep learning from your failures, dust yourself up and continue on your path you will see nothing in this world is unattainable. My methods for all my blogs can be applied to just about anything you might come across.

Certain things in life has nothing to do about your level of education or how much money you have in the bank. It’s about what you put in to get to where you are right now. People often search for the world but only manage to do the work that led them to their backwards.

I believe most of you heard this quote before ” you only get what you put out”. When you see a billionaire ask yourself how much work did they have to put to get that billion, how much savings they had to save to get that billion, or how much sacrifices was made. Its one thing to actually think about doing something and it’s another to actually put that thinking into action. If you are thinking of open a business or looking for financial stability, put in the work, spend time on your plans, make a dream board, or surround yourself with successful people that already know the pathway to where you want to be.

My Pastors have this saying that goes ” You run with thieves pretty soon you will be a thief, you run with people with a business mindset, pretty soon you will be a person with a business mindset”.

Stop putting yourself down by saying you don’t know how to code or don’t have the financial ability to start something. Change your mindset and you will see what you can accomplish. A lot of big Enterprise that exists today started from a basement/garage. Find whatever it is that you are good at and milk it. Put in the work. Always make sure that you are honest with yourself and your customers. You might not succeed your first try but if you continue with your dream and keep the faith you are bond to make magic.     Be true to yourself and have vision. Vision is the keys to success.

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