Love, Discipline and Save for them.

I’m not good at everything most definitely not an expert in finance but My clients and friends can tell you how great and awesome advisor and dad I am. With a 2 and 5 years old things at the house can be quite a challenge with toys everywhere, making breakfast, and get them ready for bed.

To show them how much we love them in my opinion is to equip them for a better future. With good education, support, and the possibility to accomplish everything they’ve dreamed of. The number one thing I always tell myself is for my kids to have everything I didn’t have without spoiling them with everything they do have. I try to teach them to be humbled and also making sure they appreciate the smallest things life has to offer.

Kids always receive gifts from grandparents, other family members and friends. Those gifts often come in form of money and toys. And as parents we want to make our little ones happy by throwing birthday party at an early age. Where we are the one who sends out the invites and even blow out the candles. Who is that party really for? There is nothing wrong with doing the traditional thing, for my family, I prefer opening a savings for college something like Florida prepaid.

You probably already thinking what if my kids don’t go to college. Don’t worry about that you will get your money back, or if they want to go out of State your prepaid account will cover a decent amount of tuition as out of State tends to be more expensive.

Grandparents and parents always proud of theirs grandkids accomplishments they talk about them a lot. So go ahead cancel the next few up coming birthday parties and let Grandma and Grandpa knows what you are up to. If you start early the contribution you have to make is really small about $50 – $100 a month. Save little today for a brighter future tomorrow.

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