“When I knew nothing, I thought I could do anything.”

~Robert Duvall

How does a bird build its nest? little by little one branch at a time. We can use the same concept in our finances. I come to realize to be successful one needs discipline and it’s not easy, as the more money you make the greater your expenses get. If you are making $100k a year you probably driving a car that’s worth at least $40 – $50k. Most of us have a mind set to impress others.

I can’t live that lifestyle anymore, there is an Haitian quote that read “Animal with tail don’t cross fire.” Meaning with my 2 little ones I can never go on a shopping spree, or chase extravagant lifestyle. We are all different; some people fear spider, some are afraid of hight. I’m afraid of going broke and terrifying of crossing tri-rails.

How do you measure success? Everyone will give you a different answer to that question. Your success is base on your goals and we all have different goals. But I can assure you that all the answers will have something to do with money. Because it’s a way of life, money is like the blood that flow in our veins and it’s vital. Compare to money which move everything and makes life way easier. Unless if you are a parasite you can survive without it.

People always say money can’t buy happiness or we can’t take it with us when we turned to dust. I Know all that but I still want to know what it feels like not to have that 5:30 alarm every morning. And if it doesn’t make you happy? Why do we spend most of our lives chasing it.

A Yatch will be nice why not Tesla or a Bugatti or a condo in Miami for money sake. Or will you rather call late for work because that piece of crap 1997 Toyota Camry is overheating again. Once you have money all those things don’t mean as much they did because the people you wanted to impress is not in your circle anymore. You got bigger competition.

It’s all about stage and steps you take wherever you are right now will play a big part of where you going to be tomorrow so whatever you do do it right. So be vigilant even Warren Buffett had dark moments. It’s not how much you make but how much you spend.

Remember my motto “is not to spend your working hours money in minutes”.

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