Desire, Aim and Propel

2019 is here and a lot of us will try to use this new calendar year as a way to make changes to our lives, finance, and drop bad habits all while keeping a positive mind sets. There is no better time to start enhance your finance than the beginning of the new year.

It’s about that time of year again where everyone is setting goals and resolutions. On your phone or note book write down 3 big goals you want to achieve this year. It doesn’t matter how big or small just make sure you stick to them and get involved.

For most people it’s their student loan, car payment or that dream house it might also be a big vacation or a wedding. Whatever you are saving for you need to find a way to check your progress for motivation.

Whatever you do don’t let go halfway throughout the year because most of us often get discouraged by the slow progress and lose focus at the bigger picture. Progress you going to make this year will carry over to next year.

Have you ever not feel good or even thought about stopping? Going through hard times is a part of life, characters are made through tough times. Just remember you are not alone we all have had one of those days. What do you do when you feel that way? You rest, reevaluate your plans, or even talk to someone who can give you some positive feedback.

Your health is just as important as your financial health. My main goal with my blog is to show just how important it is to fix it, when it’s not where it needs to be. Balance your budget take control over your spending make sure you are not spending more than your take home money.

Your finance is like muscle you need to exercise, assess and reevaluate it on a monthly basis. don’t let your money sit somewhere and not making you more. Most financial crisis are self inflicted by buying stuff we can’t afford or using high interest credit cards.

My goals for this year is to increase my monthly savings from 15% to 20%, continue saving for that dream house. And open college fund accounts for my kids (Florida Prepaid). Before we get in the market for the house we want to be debt free, no car payment, no school loan and 1% on credit cards.

Remember my motto

“is not to spend your working hours money in minutes.”

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