Follow The Affluent

Your surroundings says a lot about you financially, stable people sees things differently. As you don’t have to influence them. Most people consider the affluent cheap, I call them frugal, they don’t live paycheck to paycheck. They never fall short on rent/mortgage, and they are not driving this year’s model. Their kids don’t have 6 pairs of Jordans in their closet.
Instead they invest most of their money and live on profits, dividends, residual income and interest.

Living a simple life is what they do most, most of the those people are millionaires. They can afford a wealthy lifestyle which will cost them in the Long run but they will rather live comfortably instead of pushing to the limit where it’s going to hurt.
If you pay close attention only a small percentage of them drive foreign cars as they are more expensive. A lot of to them didn’t get their money from Mom and Dad they work hard for every penny.

You might be asking yourself right now who are those people? they are small business owners such as Janitorial, carpet cleaner, used car dealership and so on. They work overtime and get pay less which is normal for small business owner. We all can use a page from their book. Most of us use the local bank where they pay us nothing and I repeat nothing on our hard earning money. Most of those local bank will give you only a 0.01% interest rates.

The fast cars and the flashy clothes/shoes and the big house in fancy neighborhood is nice and everybody would love that but you are hurting yourself by not saving or investing. When you are not able to work as hard you working now will you be able to keep up with that lifestyle?

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