$ave Until it Hurts

Give yourself a reason to save, set goals and when they are met shoot for bigger ones. Challenge yourself each month, if you start with $50 one month the next month aim for $100 don’t worry your system will adjust to it. It’s nice to go out to eat but at the same time it’s a money grabber because one night out can cost you 2 weeks of groceries.

From experience the more you save the more you will want to save. Imagine if you could pay your phone bills from the interest from your saving. Start with little things and if you keep it up you’ll end up paying your electricity, water and fuel your car with interest from your savings while your capital is still sitting there.

If you doing this instead of saving $50 you will be able save $100 because you won’t have to worry about paying certain bills anymore. Start small, don’t get discouraged because no matter how small the saving it over time it will multiply if you stick to it, things like that doesn’t happen over night.

I can assure you it will grows and your bank account will thank you for your hard work. To know where to go and what to do check my previous topic which is all about the banks that pay a decent interest.

Once your saving start reaching around $25000 you will see the fruit of the loom which will encourage you to save more. Save until it hurts save from the pennies to the dollars spare changes do adds up.

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