Unnecessary $pending

Saving is easier said than done, it’s been proven that by cutting your spending you can increase your saving account. The best way to start the saving process is by cutting a lot of unnecessary spending in your budgets. I know you probably already asking yourself what’s consider as unnecessary spending?

Here is a few: The first one, I call bring your lunch to work. Ordering daily lunch can take a toll on your paycheck spending anywhere from $10 to $15 a day, I know that amount on lunch might not seems much but that’s about $75 a week and that accumulate to $3900 a year. There is an easy solution to that bring your leftovers from last night dinner to work for lunch. It’s always cheaper to cook your own meals.

By doing that you can put away an $1300.
Second: stop buying coffee every morning, a cup of coffee can cost you anywhere between $2.00 a cup, times that by 5 days a week times 52 weeks give you an extra $520. Instead how about you make your own coffee, I know it takes more time but if you think about it that extra gallon of gas it will take you to get to that coffee shop whatever you don’t spend goes straight to your savings.

Third: when you go grocery shopping make a list before you leave the house. And most people said not to make that list while you are hungry. Most importantly when you get to the store stick to the list everything else can wait. Don’t buy stuff you don’t need to stock at home only to expired instead put that extra cash to work to collect what I call honey from the bee = compounds interest.

Don’t spend without planning before buying something do the math when you get pay hourly everything you buy cost you time if you making $15 an hour and you finally found that dress or that pants you been looking for but the downside is it cost $90 now don’t get me wrong you sure can afford it but is it worth 6 hours?

When buying things it’s easier to swipe the multiple cards in your pocket book or wallet, instead try paying with cash, and try not to carry too much cash because it becomes harder to spend specially when you are buying stuff that’s over $100.

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