$aving: Duo Or Solitaire?

Saving as an individual or as a couple?
Individual saving is really easy, where you set your own goals and manage your expenses. In the other hand saving as a couple can be really hard specially when the two partners don’t have the same income, don’t spend together, and do not have common goals.

In most relationships there is a spender and a saver. It’s always beneficial when the wife is the saver. As she will run a really tight budget. While living comfortably below their means.

Everybody can consider themselves financially independent on their own terms. Being able to save $150 a month almost have the same effect as someone is is putting away 3 times of that. As they don’t have the same expensiveness. It’s all depends on what you saving for what are your expenses and the type of lifestyle you living.

Putting away $150 a month while your your mortgage it’s $1200 means in two months you save a quarter of your mortgage. While the person saving more than you have different lifestyle and bigger mortgage. It doesn’t matter how much you put away monthly as long as you try to increase it as much as you can, it calls saving for a reason it’s a process you build little by little.

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