Easy/Free Money

When people mention the word saving, now a days most people will look at you like you are crazy. But little do they know, saving is not just a chunk of money that you decide to put away, it’s every penny that accumulate to a dollar.

We often says we don’t have enough money or we can barely make it with our paychecks. But somehow we manage to buy latest Iphone. Often, we don’t take full advantage of the FREE money in front of us, yes I just said FREE money. No, I’m not talking about the dollar bill you found while cleaning your couch, I’m talking about money that your employer match on, things like 401(K).

Let’s talk numbers. For example let’s say you make $25000 a year and 3% of that go towards your 401(K) in a year you’ll have $750 which you won’t even notice coming out of your paycheck. Now let’s say your employer match that 3% which will give you $1500 before growth. We are not done yet, there is still potential for more chances for you to notice how your investment might grow about 7% which will give you a $105 on your investment monthly! Now that’s letting your money works for you.

In a year that’s $1260 growth/interest + your $750 initial investment + your employer $750 equal to $2760. I can’t stress it enough you need to grab that easy/free money.

Money don’t sleep, why should you?

4 thoughts on “Easy/Free Money”

    1. Your HR department is the best place that can direct you to the entity that manages your company’s 401(k) plan. Then, you can contact the 401(k) plan administer by phone or online to check the balance of your 401(k). You can also check how the money is invested and whether it’s time for you to rebalance your portfolio.


  1. Yes. The good thing about contributing to a 401k is that you don’t necessarily notice the money. It’s perfect for anyone who struggles to save or lacks the discipline to be able to put the money in savings them selves. Thanks for sharing


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